How Hot is The Sun?

It is rather hard for us to realize that our is merely just another star the sky. This is probably because we think of the stars as looking so tiny. The sun look larger than any star because it is only about 93 million miles from the earth. The nearest star is 25 billion miles away!

Whats is the temperature on the surface of the sun? Scientists believe that it is about 6,000 degress Centigrade. to give you an idea of how hot this is, And as for the interior of the sun, astronomers estimate it may be as hot as 20,000,000 degrees Centigrade.

Remember, Scientists are only making a guess about this, because we know almost nothing about the interior of the sun. We do know something about the composition of this star. For example, it has been learned that the sun contains more than 60 of the chemical element present in the earth.

But it is hard to study the sun’s interior because the sun is surrounded by four layers of gaseous matter.   

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