What Makes The Weather?

What is the weather anyway? It is simply what the air or atmosphere is like at any time. No matter what the air is cold, cool, warm, hot, calm, breezy, windy, dry, moist, or wet that’s weather.

Weather may be any combination of different amounts of heat, moisture, and motion in the air. And it changes from hour to hour, day to day, season, and even from from year to year.

The daily changes are are caused by stroms and fair weather moving over the earth. The seasonal changes are due to the different way in which water vapour apears in the atmosphere.

Humidity, the amount of water vapour in the air, combined with the temerature, causes many wheather conditions. Clouds are a kind of weather condition, and they are formed when water vapour condenses high above the ground.

When the cloud droplets grow larger and become to heavy to be held up by the air current, they fall to the ground and we have the weather known as rain. If the raindrops fall through a layer of air which is below freezing, the drops freeze and our weather is snow.

One of the ways the weather forecaster studies the weather is to look at the “fronts” that exist. Fronts are boundary lines between the cold air moving southwards from the north, and the warm air moving from the tropics. Most of the severe stroms which cause rain, snow, and other bad weather are in some way related to these fronts.

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