Why Can We See Only One Side of the Moon?

Since man first appeared, the moon has been a mystery to him. In ancient times its was even worshipped as a goddess who ruled the night. Right now, we are living in the days when more is being found out about the moon than ever before in the whole history of man kind.

Pictures of the other side of the moon have already been taken by the Americans and Russians. The fact that we cannot see the other side of the moon from the earth is due to a simple fact.

The moon is a satelite of the earth, a small body that revolves about it, just as the earth moves in an orbit about the sun. This journey of the moon around the earth takes a certain definite period, about 29 1/2 days. The moon also rotate on it axis, but the time is takes for it to go around the earth.

So we see only one side of the moon. If you want to get a picture of how this works, try this: hold your left hand in front of you and clench your first. Imagine that is the earth. Now take an apple or orange and mark around it with a pencil to indicate two halves.

Imagine that is the moon. Now face on side of the "moon" towards the "earth". Keeping that same side facing the earth, make a complete circle around the earth. You will see that not only did the moon go around the earth, but it also made a complete rotation on its axis. And yet only one side ever faced the earth!

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