Can Dogs See Colours?

If you have a dog you love as pet, yo share some of your life with it. The dogs lives in your home, keeps you company, and goes on trips with you. So it is hard to believe that the world your dog sees is quite different from your own.

For dogs cannot see any colors. Test after test has been made to find out if dogs can be made to responds to different colors in any way. Usually this has been done with food.

One color would be a signal for food, the others colours from one another. Dogs rely on their remarkable sense of smell to tell things apart. What about cats? The same kinds of tests were made. It was impossible to train a cat to come for its food in response to signals of different colors.

It seemed that all the colors were like grey to a cat. Is there any animal that is able to see colors? As far as tests so far have been able to prove, the only animal other than man that is able to distinguish colors is the monkey.

Monkeys and apes have been trained to open a door of a particular color in order to obtain food. Actually, the color blindness of animals is quite understandable. Most wild animals hunt at night or prey in the evening when colors are dim.

Most animals have coats that are rather dull-colored. Being able to see colors is not really that important to them in order to survive. And most of them have developed their other senses to such a point that they can get along quite well in their own world.

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