Did king Arthur Ever Exsit?

Practically everybody has heard of or read stories about king Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. They are not considered to be true stories, but legends what are they based on?

Well, no one knows who King Arthur really was. Most writers of history believe that there was a great chief of one of the tribes in Britain around the year A.D. 500, And the legends have grown up about this man. King Arthur may have been part Roman and part British, for the Romans had ruled England for nearly 400 years.

Arthur probably led a large army against the Saxon invaders. In both Wales and Brittany, Arthur was remembered and admired. Stories about him were passed from one generations to another. Each story was more wonderful than the last.

Finally, Arthur become one of the greatest heroes who ever lived. He killed horrible monsters, had great magical powers, and become great and good king. Nobody knows for sure just where Arthur had his castle. There are about six different places in England that claim to be the locations of  the Camelot his home.

The first writer to mention Arthur was an early Welsh historian who lived about the eight century. After that first mention of Arthur, nothing was written in Latin, and then French and English poets began to write him. In the fifteenth century, Sir Thomas Malory wrote down many of the stories about Arthur in a book called Morte d’Arthur (Death of Arthur). 

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