Do Animals Eyes Shine in the Dark?

All of us have seen the eyes of some animal glowing at us in the dark as we drive by at night, so it is natural to think that the eyes themselves are glowing.

The truth is that the glow is only the reflection of light from some other source! It is probably caused by our car headlights, or it may be caused a flashlight.

The reason that reflection takes place is that there is a layer of crystalline substance in the eyes of many animals. This substance has a ability to reflect light. Man has almost none of this substance in his eyes.

This reflecting layer also helps the animals see in the dark, which is why they can see better at night than man can. The different in colours of the light reflected from the eyes of animals is due to the different number of blood vessels in their eyes.

An animal that has many blood vessels, in its eyes will reflect a reddish glow. If it has fewer blood vessels, it will have a whiter glow.

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