Does the Giraffe Have a Voice?

When you think of a giraffe, the first thing you probably think of is its long neck. But there is another rather remarkable thing about this strange animal it has practically no voice!

The reason we said “practically” is that certain giraffes, which have been observed, in zoological parks, have made certain types of noises. For example, female giraffes have been heard to moo softly, especially when they seem worried about something.

And certain young giraffes, when hungry, have sometimes made sound like those of a calf. But in a giraffe, the voice box, or larynx, is almost completely undeveloped, so that we can say that most giraffe do not have a voice!

But since all animals have some means for protecting themselves against enemies, the giraffe has other ways to make up for its lack of voice. One is the development of its senses of hearing and smell.

A giraffe’s ears are sensitive to the faintest sounds, which help it detect any danger. And its sense of smell is so good that it can “smell trouble” even when it is far away!

Another protection the giraffe has is its ability to move around. The giraffe can gallop at more than 30 miles an hour when pursued, and can run faster than the fastest horse!

Still another protection for the giraffe is its coloring. It blends in so well with its surroundings that, despite its enormous size, it is often very difficult to spot a giraffe when it is standing in a forest.    

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