How do We Know What Dinosaurus were Like?

Scientists believe that dinosaurs first appeared on the earth about 180 million years ago, and died out about 60 million years ago. This is long before human being appeared on earth, and also before such animals as dogs, rabbits, horses, monkeys, or elephants.

Then how can we possibly know anything about these giant creatures? Everything we will ever know comes from fossils. There are remains which these creatures left in the earth.  But there are many different kinds of fossils.

The most common fossils are petrified remains of what were the hard parts of their bodies bones, teeth, and claws. Scientists can study these remains and from them reconstruct how the whole body of the dinosaurs was built!

Sometimes, petrified tendons and skin are found, and this provides even more clues. Fossils can also be trails of footprints that were made in wet sand or mud that hardened into stone over the ages.

From these, it is possible to tell how the dinosaurs walked and whether it was on two legs on four. And the rarest fossils of all from this time are dinosaurs eggs.

In this way we can tell that the Brontosaurus was a monster from to 25 meters long and weight about 38 tonnes. We know it lived in swamps and was a plant-eaters. You see, scientists have found, among the broken and deeply scratched bones of Brontosaurus fossil teeth of the Allosaurus!

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