How Tall is a Giraffe?

When we look at most animals they do not seem especially strange to us. But when we look at the giraffe we feel it has peculiar appearance. The reason for this is probably that long, long neck.

The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world and often reaches a height of 5.5 meters. The giraffe also has long legs.

Although its legs are about of equal length, very strong muscles have developed at the base of the neck so that its back slopes downwards from shoulder to tail.

The head is small and narrow, and the eyes, which are dark and soft, give this huge animal an expression of gentleness. The ears of the giraffe, which are quite large, are sensitive to the faintest sounds.Ass a matter of fact, that remarkable sense of hearing and a keen sense of smell are very important to the giraffe in detecting danger.

Another curious thing about it is the tongue, which is often 46 centimeters long. The giraffe can use its tongue so skilfully that it can pick the smallest leaves of thorny plants without being pricked.
when you see a giraffe moving, you  notice that it ambles rather than walks.

Despite this, it can gallop at more than 30 miles an hour when pursued and it can outrun the fastest horse! When the giraffe is a gentle animal, it can put up a good fight when attacked.

It kicks out its hind legs or uses its head like a sledge hammer even a lion is pretty careful when attacking a giraffe.

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