To What Family do Worms Belong?

Scientists find difficult to define exactly what worms are. They may best be described as elongated, boneless animals, having an undersurface fitted for crawling, and a more or less definite head end.

One other important feature of worms is that they can be divided into two similar portions, their right and left sides. So when you have something that fits this description, you have a worm. Worms vary in size from microscopic to about 12 centimeters long.

They vary in colour from transparency to dark brown, green, and red. Worms from several distinct primary groups of animals. The most important of these are the flatworms; the group that includes the threadworms, roundworms, and hookworms; and the segmented worms.

The flat worms. The flatworms have flattened bodies. Each one contains both sexes within itself. Some of them are free living, others are parasites.

Among the parasitic flatworms is the tapeworm. It usually lives in the intestines of backboned animals, such as man and dogs. The threadworms are a large group of threadlike worms, varying in size from hardly visible species to others a few meters long.

Among the most dangerous worms are the pinworm, trichina, Guinea worm, and the common roundworm. They cause serious illness to man and several animals.

The earthworms, with which we are most familiar, are among man’s best friends. By burrowing into the soil, they loosen it for more effective growing of crops.

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