What are the Fine Arts?

It is practically impossible to turn anywhere in our modern world and not see a form of art. Your furniture, your rug, the dishes in the kitchen, the car your watch, even your clothes - all represent art in some form. The reason of that somebody designed each thing, chose colors, and tried to make it attractive.

But there is an important purpose behind this kinds of art - and that purpose is to have things used. What we call “the fine arts’’ have a different purpose - and that is a beauty. The fine arts are considered to be painting, sculpture, literature, drama, music, dancing, and architecture.

Of these, the only one which is also involved in “use” is architecture. Architects have a to think about the usefulness of their buildings as well as about their beauty. But in the fine arts, the end result of a lot of hard work by the artist may have absolutely no use at all. It was created to provide certain satisfactions we get from beauty, and that is all.

So a statue, a melody, a picture, a play, a book and a dance are all examples of the product of the fine arts. Today, many curious experiments are being made in all the fine arts. But the traditional methods and product of the fine arts all have things in common.

For one thing they have “design”. Design can be with sounds, with stones, with words, with buildings materials, with lines, and paint. A work of fine art is designed. And within that design, the creator uses “rhythm”, “balance”, and “harmony”.

Rhythm comes from the more or less regular repetition of similar sounds, with stones, shapes, and movements. Balance is the arrangement of what the artist works with so that the results seem to belong together. These, of course, are only rough ideas of what a creator in the fine arts tries to do.

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