What do Goats Eat?

People seem to think that goats will eat practically anything. And the truth is, that’s instincts will prevent it from eating things that will do it harm, but it will try to eat things most other animals reject.

The reason for this seems to be that goats are rarely given the food and care best owed on other domestic animals. Since it usually is not fed well, it will try to eat anything in the hope that it may be good.

The goat has always had a rather curious relationship with man. It is one of the most useful of animals. Since ancient times it has supplied man with healthy milk and satisfying meat.

Its skin has been made into leather. Its wool has been moven into soft, warm cloth. In sprite of its usefulness, however, the goat has always had a bad reputation.

This is probably due to its bad temper and the unpleasant odour of the males. The goat contributes more to man in comparison to its size than any other animal. Goat’s milk, for example, is considered by some to be better and healthier than cow’s milk.

A few goats are raised for their flesh or are used as beasts of burden. Some are grown for their skins, which are made into goatskin, kidsskin, and marocco leather.

Other goats, such as the Angora and the Cashmere , are raised for their wool. Goats were probably domesticated in Persia, but are now raised all over the world. They are sure-footed, active animals which generally prefer mountainous homes.     

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