What is a Leprechaun?

At one time, people believed that there lived on this earth with as all kinds of strange beings who have a magical powers. Sometimes they called fairies. And sometimes they had special names, depending on their power or on the country where they were supposed to live.

Leprechauns where the fairy shoemakers of Ireland. They were little old wrinkled men, not even as big as new-born child. In Scotland, fairies about 60 centimeters high, were called brownies. A brownie chose some house to serve and, coming at night, scrubbed and cleaned and did all sorts of work.

All he would take in payment was a bowl of cream and of bit of white bread. In England, the very smallest fairies were called pixies. They would were green jackets and red caps and dance to the music of crickets and grasshoppers.

In France, they were called fees and in Scandinavia, Whit elves. They lived in the woods and fields and mortal could find his way to their home only on one of the four magical nights of the year – midsummer Eve, May Eve, Christmas Eve, or Halloween.

Fairies that were bigger in size had different names. For instance, if they were from 45 centimeters to the size of children, they were called goblins. In Germany they were called gnomes and dwarfs. And in Scandinavia they were called trolls.

Sometimes there were human-sized fairies, and they were hard to tell from mortals. In Germany, if you met a man with green teeth he was nix, or water spirit. When nixes ventured on land, some bit of their clothing was always wet. Of course it was considered very difficult to know the real size of a fairy because they were so seldom seen.

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