What is a Scorpion?

They very mention of the name “scorpions” makes us think of danger and poison. And the fact is that a scorpion can be rather unpleasant creature to meet.  In the United States, scorpions have actually caused deaths in only one place Arizona.

The Arizona scorpion is related to the Durango scorpion that lives in Mexico. The Durango scorpion’s bit can kill a man within an hour, and over a period of 35 years it has caused the deaths of about 1,600 people.

Scorpions are related to the spider. A scorpions has four pairs of walkings legs and a pair of strong pincers which it uses to grasp its prey. It also has a long, thin, joined tail which ends in a curved, pointed stinger. This stinger is connected to poison glands.

When the scorpions walks, it carries its tail arched over its tail arched over its body. When it graps it prey in the pincers, it bends its stinger over its head and plunges it into the victim. The poison will kill or paralyse the insects, spiders and other creatures on which the scorpions feeds.

Scorpions are mainly active at night. During the day they hide in dark places. Such as beneath a stone, in bark, or in the dark corners of buildings. Adult scorpions always live and travel alone.

Young scorpions are born alive and cling to the mother’s back. She does not feed them and after several days they go off on their own. Scorpions are found mainly in warm climates. Of the roughly 500 species, 30 are found in the United States. Scorpions vary in size from 1 centimetersto about 17 centimeters. The largest are found in the tropics.

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