What is the Smallest Country in the World?

When we say “country”, we usually mean an independent state that has distinct territory and its own government. The world’s smallest independent state is Vatican City.

It lies in the midst pf Rome, Italy, and has a total area of only 0-17 square miles! It is the palace of government of the Catholic Church. The Pope, the head of Vatican City, rules through a civil governor.

Vatican City has its own flag, post office, railway station, and money. It also has a telephone system and radio broadcasting station. Support comes chiefly from contributions made by Catholics throughout the world.

Within Vatican City there is the Vatican Palace (the Pope’s residence), the gardens, and the Large St. Peter’s Basilica. In the palace are art museums and libraries. The Vatican Library, In a separate wing, is one of the greatest in the world.

Vatican city has diplomatic relations with other countries and receives representative from many nations. Over the years, political control was gained by the popes over a large territory in the central Italy. In 1859, this land, called the “Papal States”, covered about 16,000 square miles.

In 1870, Rome was made the national capital of Italy, against the objections of the Pope, The Papal States were made part of the kingdom of Italy. In 1929, an agreement was reached between the Pope and the Italian government and the Vatican City was set up

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