What Makes Dogs Go Mad?

We think of a dog as man’s  best friend. Yet sometimes even the friendliest dog can become a creature that brings death with its bite! Not became it has changed its character, but because it has become infected with a terrible disease.

This disease is called “rabies”. it infected the brain and the spinal cord, and these are both vital to life. The infection is caused by a virus; an organism which is too small to be seen with the ordinary microscope.

Now we usually think of this disease in connection with dogs, and that is because man most often receives the disease from a dogs, and that is because man most often receives the disease from a dog infected with the virus.

But rabies can infect all warm-blooded animals, including wolves, foxes, skunks, cows, cats, and even bats. Most of these other creatures, however, seldom pass on the disease to man.

A dog may became infected with rabies and its owner may not  know it for some time. This is because the disease may take four to six weeks to show up. The first signs are when the dog becomes quiet, has fever, and is not interested in food.

Then it becomes excited. Saliva froths from the mouth. It growls and barks, and likely to bite. After such symptoms appear, a dog  is likely to die within three to five days. Since the virus is in the saliva, the disease is passed on by biting.

The horrible thing about this disease is that once it appears in man or animals, death is almost certain. That is why it is important to prevent the disease, and go to doctor at once if one has been bitten by a dog. There is a serum that acts against the virus before it can spread, but its must be taken within three days of being bitten. 

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