What was The Lost Continent of Atlantis?

Ever since the time of ancient Greece, stories have been told about the lost island, or continent, of Atlantis. It was thought to be very large island in the Atlantic Ocean, just west of the Rock Gibraltal.

It was believed to be a perfect place a kind of paradise. According to legends, Atlantis was a powerful kingdom whose people conquered all south Western Europe and North Western Africa.

They were finally defeated by the Athenians from Greece. The people od Atlantis then became wicked. As a punishment, the island was swallowed up by the ocean. This legend is told in the Timaeus, written in the 300’s B.C by the Greek philosopher Plato.

The island was supposed to have been lost more than 9,000 years before Plato’s time. During the middle Ages, the stories about Atlantis were believed to be true. In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, many voyages were made to try to find Atlantis.

The stories may have come from some true happenings. Perhaps a traveller brought back tales of his discovery of the a new and strange land, and in  time these tales became part of the legend of Atlantis.
Even today there are people who firmly believe there was such a place. According to the man who is considered the greatest expert on Atlantis by these believers, Atlantis was a place where man first became civilized.

He also believes many of the gods worshipped by ancient peoples were really the kings and queens of Atlantis, and that the Atlanteans were the first to manufacture iron and have an alphabet.

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