When was Buckingham Palace Built?

The Queen’s London home is by no means the oldest or the most  magnificent royal palace in the world. It stands, however, in a lovely situation. Between St. James’s Park and Green Park, and has extensive, beautifully tended gardens of its own.

The first house to be built where the palace now stands was Goring House ; later called Arlington, a statesman during the reign of Charles II. This house was pulled down in 1703, and another built in its place by the Duke of Buckingham and Norman by; hence its name today.

Soon after his marriage, in 1761, George III bought the house, and ever since then it has been a royal residence. In each succeeding reign it has been built on to and improved. The present facade was added in 1913.

Buckingham palace is full of art treasures and antiques. Recently most of us went on a guided tour of the State Rooms, via television, and of the Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham palace, there is always a selections of her treasures on view.

During the summer, particularly, the pavement in front of the palace, there is always is thronged with visitors, from both home and abroad, watching the Changing of the Guard, and perhaps hoping to catch a glimpse of the Queen as she leaves for one of her many engagements. When the queen is in the residence  her loyal standard is always seen flying from its mast above the Palace.

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