Who was a Lord Nelson?

Horatio, Lord Nelson, was the most famous commander in the history of the British Navy. Born in 1758, he was so frail and weak in early child hood that no one expected him to hive! His father was a clergyman, and the family had very little money, so Horatio had to leave home when he was twleve, and join the Navy as a midshipman to make his own career.

When he was twenty-one, he was made Captain of a frigate and, with his new authority, he set about reforming discipline on his ship, saying that cruelty made towards of his men. Nelson’s rise to fame began in 1793, when he was put in command of the Agamemnon, during the revolutionary war with France.

For the next three years he repeatedly distinguished himself by his calm, bravery and judgement. It was at this period that he lost his right eye at the battle of Calvi, and soon after, in the Canary Islands, he lost his right arm.

His Heroism, however, was rewarded when peace was declared, by a pension, a knigthood and promotion to the rank of the rear-admiral. Soon afterwards, Napoleon came to power and the peace was broken.

Nelson was charged to find and destroy Napoleon’s fleet which planned to attack the overland route to India and Egypt. The result of the encounter was a rousing victory for Nelson and he became of idol of England.

The end of his brave life came suddenly on October 21st, 1805. Lord Nelson had been recalled from his retirement to take the sole command of the Mediterranean fleet and defend England from the very real threat of Napoleonic invasion.

During the battle with the French and Spanish fleets off Cape Trafalgar, Nelson was fatally wounded by a musket-shot from one of the French ships, and he died a few hours later in his cabin at the very moment of victory.      

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