Who were the Amazons?

Mankind has many myths about giant and races of super human creatures. There is also a famous legend about an amazing race of women, the Amazons. The Amazons were believed to be a race of bold, warlike women.

They were supposed to have come from the Caucasus Mountains and settled in Asia minor. They were governed by a queen, and the entire state was run by women they even fought their on wars and established their own cities!

According to Legends, the Amazons either drove away or a killed all the man who came among them. But when they tried to invade Athens, they were finally overcome and their entire army was wiped out.

The ancient Greeks, whose own women lived a quiet life at home, were fascinated by the tales of these wild, brave women, and made them a favourite subject of Greek art. There were usually shown mounted on horseback, armed with a lance and bow, and carrying a shield.

In the year 1541, an explorer named Francisco de Orellana what the first white man to travel the full length of a certain great river that flows through Peru and Brazil.

On his journey he discovered long-haired Indian warriors. Because of their long hair, he thought they were women. So he called the river “the Amazons” naming it after the women of the early Greek Legends.  

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