Who were the Incas?

The Inca civilization was at least 400 years old at the time Columbus discovered America. The Land of the Incas included what is now Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and part of Argentina and Chile. Inte center of the Inca Empire was Cuzco, the capital, the Sacred City of the Sun.

It was the center of the only world these the people knew, and to this city came caravans from every part of the empire with grain, gold and silver, fine cloth, and fresh, green coca leaves.

The Incas were stern but just rulers. They allowed the people they conquered to follow their own customs. The families was the centers of the government.

Each group of ten families had a leader. He reported to a captain who had 50 families under him. And so on up to the Inca Who ruled the Empire. Everyone in the Inca, who ruled the empire.

Every one in the Inca Empire worked, except the very young and the old. Each family had a certain amount of land farm. The people wove their own clothing, made their own shoes or sandals their own dishes of pottery, and object of gold and silver.

The people had no personal freedom : the Inca decided what clothes they wore, what food they ate, what work they did. The sick, poor, and old were cared for. The Incas were wonderfuls farmers and grew excellent crops. They built great aqueducts to bring mountain stream down to water their fields.

Many of the buildings which the incas erected still stand. and they built unusual bridges made of vines and willow branches braided into huge ropes. The people where very skilfull at weaving and pottery. They made cotton cloth so fine that the Spaniards thought it was silk, and they made fine clothing of wool.

After many centuries of prosperity, the Inca Empire was divided between two half-brothers who began to fight each other. When the Spaniards came, they found it easy to conquer them and destroy the empire.

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