Why do Gypsies Keep Their Own Customs?

When people settle down in a community or a country, they tend to become like the people already living there. But those who wander around a likely to continue following their own ways wherever they go. The Gipsies who have lived in as many as six different a countries and speak several languages.

Although European gipsies may settle in a town or city for a time, they soon are on the road again. Because the gipsies seemed strange and different, the other peoples of Europe disliked and feared them.

This of course, would no exactly encourage the gipsies to give up their on customs and adopt those of the people who made life difficult of them. there are two groups of gipsies who are more likely to settle down and live in one place than others, and these are the Hungarian gipsies, called tziganes, and spanish gipsies called gitanos.

When gipsies have lived a long time in a country, they usually adopt the religion of the country, but add a great many primitive customs and traditions of their own. Nobody knows where the gipsies originated, but they are believed to have come from India in the tenth century and migrated to Persia.

The reached the Balkans and Greece in the fourteenth century, then moved westwards. They reached England by the sixteenth century. The English thought they came from Egypt, so the called them “gipsies”. But the gipsies call themselves “Rom”, and their language is called “Romany”.

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