Why do Spiders Spin their Webs?

Most of think that spiders use silk only to spin a web. Actually, no other animal use silk in as many why a spiders do. They make it into houses, life lines, diving bells, cocoons, “aeroplanes”, lessons, spring traps an the web we all know.

Spiders are not insects, but belong to a species called “arachnid”. Unlike insects, they have eight legs, eight eyes in most cases, no wings, and only two parts to their bodies. Spiders are found in practically every kind of climate.

They can run on the ground, climb plants, run on water, and even live in water. The spiders manufactures its silk in certain glands found in the abdomen, or belly. At the tip of the abdomen there are spinning organs which contain many tiny holes.

The silk is forced through these tiny holes. When the silk comes out it is a liquid. As soon as it comes into contact with the air, it becomes solid. The spider make many different kinds of silk. It makes a sticky. Kind that is used for the web, because this catches insects.

For the spokes of the web it makes a stronger silk, which is not sticky. And it makes a still different kind of silk for the cocoon. Even the webs that spiders spin are of many different kinds. The wheel-like web is the one we see most often. There are also “sheet” webs, which are flat and shaped like funnels or domes.

And the trap-door spiders make a burrow out of their web with a lidlike opening at the top to catch and hold their prey. Other spiders build in a bell-shapped home of silk which is entirely under water! 

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