What Is a Dolphin?

Dolphins are such interseting creatures that people find it hard to believe that a dolphin is simply a whale! There is an order of acquatic that scientists call “Catacea”. To this orders belong whales, that belong to the toothed-whale group.

Porpoises are kind of dolphin without beaks buth with a triangular back fin and spade-shaped teeth. The toothed whale lives on cuttlefish, squids, crabs, and many kinds of fish, which they chase and capture.

The grampus, or killer whale which is really a large dolphin, is the only catacean that eats other warm-blooded animals. It is about 9 meters long and easily catches seals. The other dolphins are not often more than 3 meters long and their heads are quite small.

Dolphins live in great herd and seem to enjoy following ships. The common dolphin, which may be found in all temperate and tropical seas, has a tail shaped like a half moon. The black of the back contrasts with the white belly.

Scientists are very interested in the way dolphins have imiated human speech, and that they did this on their own. In one case, a dolphin imiated a man’s voice so wel that it made his wife laugh. So the dolhin imiated a man’s voice so well that it made his wife laugh. So the dolphin imiated her laughter!  

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