What is an Electric Eel?

The electric eel is one of a group of electric fish. These fish capture their prey and defend themselves from enemies by discharging electric shocks.

They closely resemble and related to other fish, but they just happen to have this electric power. Scientists still cannot explain the origin and development of the electric power in these fish.

The most dangerous of all the electric fish is the electric eel of South America, sometimes called “the Brazillian electric eel", this thick, blackish creature is an inhabitant of the rivers emptying into the Amazon and Orinoco rivers.

It often grows to a length of 2 meters or more and by a blow of its all tail, in which its electric organs are located, it can stun an animal as larger as a horse!

Human being are also said to feel the effect of the sock for several hours. Another kind of electric fish the electric catfish. This is sometimes four feet long and may be found in all the larger rivers of tropical Africa.

Third in the group of electric fish is the electric ray, or torpedo ray, found in a warm seas. It lives mostly in deep water near the shore. The member of these family inhabiting the Atlantic ocean is said to grow to a length  of 1.5 maters and weighs 90 kilograms.

The electric ray is dark above and light below. It is round and flat and has a powerful tail. Is electric organs are situated between the head and gills.

Experiments made on fish have shown that its electric power can be used up and that the power will not return until the creature has rested and eaten.      

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