What is Leukaemia?

Our blood, as you know is necessary to life. And there are many  different substances and cells in the blood, each with a job to do. But sometimes something goes wrong with the balance of thing in the blood.

One such disorder of the blood is called “leukemia”.  when a person has leukemia, the white cells may increase as much as 50 or 60 times. This condition is very serious, because it is the result of a disorder in the blood-producing parts of the body.

Years ago, a person with leukemia was considered to be hopeless. And while we still do not have a cure for it a great deal of progress is being made, especially in helping such a person live longer and more comfortably.

There are several different kinds of leukemia. Each form has a different symptom and has a different effect on the live expectancy of the person. That is why the treatment of a person with leukemia varies in each case.

In general, leukemia can be divided into two forms : acute or chronic. Acute leukemia seems to come on suddenly and may progress very quickly.

This type is seldom discovered until it has become well advanced. Acute leukemia occurs in persons over 35 years of age. Leukemia also varies according to the particular type of   white cell that is involved.

Even though there are many kinds of leukemia, the early symptoms may be quite alike. This is why it is important to have a diagnosis as quickly as possible. The diagnosis of leukemia is made by examining the bone marrow and blood under the microscope.

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