What is Rheumatism?

Rheumatisim is actually a disease. It is an inflammation of this joints of the body. Unless the disease is checked, the condition become worse and eventually the person becomes disabled.

The disease begins by an inflammation of the membrane which lines a joint, such as knee, elbow or wrist. The cartilage is also attacked, and changes even take place in the bone itself. The bones loses certain minerals and becomes fibrous.

There is a stiffening of the joint, and it may become unable to be used. While there are many theories about what brings on rheumatism, none of them has yet been proved. One theory is that come from infection that attacks in three ways: by Organism (germs, Bacteria) some other infection ; or because the joint is allergic to some organism.

Some doctors think that certain types of people are more likely to get rheumatism than other. These may be people between the ages of twenty and forty who are thin, not very vigorous, and get overtired easily.

When the disease begins, a person usually has fever, paint and swelling in one or more joints. The patient complains of being tired, loses weight, and has a feeling of numbness and tingling in the feet and arms.

One sign of this disease is warmth, pain, and swelling in the middle joints of the fingers. It may be painful just to move the fingers. In other cases, other parts of the body are attacked : the jointsof the hands, toes, wrists, knees, elbow, shoulders and hips.  In fact, any joint in the body can be attacked by rheumatism.

Since we do not know the cause of this disease, and since it can be quite different in the way it develops in each person, there is no cure or single treatment in the way it develops in each person, there is no cure or single treatment that works. A doctgor will treat each case differently.

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