What is the Theory Behind ESP?

How do we know what is going on in the world around us? We use our senses. Through them we can see, hear, feel and taste. But there are some scientists who believe that man can gain information without the use of senses.

They believe the human mind as certain powers that have not yet been understood, and so it is possible to take in information that has not passed through the senses.

This process is called “extrasensory perception”, or ESP. “Extra Sensory” means “Outside the senses”. Many of the scientists who have studied this subject are psychologists. Their field of work is called “parapsychology”. it is concerned with things that happen for which no physical cause can be found.

There are supposed to be three kinds of ESP. An example of one would be when someone seems able to read the thoughts in the mind of another person. A second kind of ESP is illustrated by this case : a woman living in one town dreams that her daughter, who lives in another town, had been hurt in an accident.

The next day she learns that her daughter was hit by a motor car the night before. A third kind of ESP would be the case of the people who seem able to look into the future and know what will happen. We know that some such cases really seem to happen, but many times it is difficult to accurately what actually happened. A great many experiments have been done to prove ESP exist, but the existence of ESP is still an open question for most scientists.

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