What is the World’s Fastest Mammal?

Man can move across the surface of the earth much faster than any other mammal...but not on his own two legs! Even the fastest runner of all time would rank as a pretty slow-moving creature compared with certain animals.

In a short dash, man has been known to travel at a speed of 22 to 25 miles an hour. For a short dash, even an elephant or a rhinoceros can do about 25 miles an hour.

A race horse, whom we consider to be pretty swift, can go at about 40 to 50 miles an hour. The fastest a greyhound can go is about 35 miles an hour.

If we want to measure real speed of motion by mammal, we have to go to such creatures as the antelope and the gazelle. These animals can do between 60 and 65 miles for a dash of a mile or so.

The speed champion of the entire kingdom, however, is the cheetah or hunting leopard. These animals have been timed at a speed of 70 miles an hour! Of course, they can keep this up for only about a mile, after which they drop down to a slower speed.

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