Why do Onions Make You Cry?

Did you know that really cry all day long? Every time you blink your eye you are “crying”! you see, there is a tear gland that is situated over take outer corner of each eye. Every time your eyelid closes, it creates suction which takes out fluid from the tear glands. This fluid we call “tears”.

Normally, this fluid has only one purpose. This is to irrigate the cornea of the eye and so prevent it from drying out. But suppose some irritating substances reaches the eye? The eye automatically blinks and tears appear to wash the eye and protect it against the irritant.

We are all familiar with the experience of having smoke get in our eyes. It makes us cry. Well, the onion sends out an irritating substance, too. The onion has an oil containing sulfur which not only gives it its sharp odor, it's also irritates the eye.

The eye reacts by blinking and by producing tears to wash away the irritant! It is as simple as that. The onion is an interesting vegetable. It is a member of the lily family, and it is a native of Asia.
The onion has been used as food for thousands of years, going back to the early history of man.
Onion belong to the genus Allium, and are, therefore, related to the milder leek and the very pungent garlic, both of which are cultivated extensively in Europe. Shallots have a rather milder flavor than garlic.

Chives are smaller members of the same branch of this family. The mildest and biggest onion popular in this country is the Spanish onion, which often weighs 450 grams or more.

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