Why do We Get Pimples?

Nobody likes to have pimples and blackheads, and it would be nice if we could say this is what causes them and this is how to avoid having them. But the problem is not so simple.

Both pimples and blackhead start most often in the follicles of the hair. Certain glands, called “sebaceous gland”, deposit an oily material there. When the hair follicle becomes plugged up and this deposit collects, it forms a blemish we call a blackhead.

Pimples are small, raised areas of the skin which often have collections of pus in them. But the cause of of pimples is harder to explain that of blackheads.

Pimples may also be sign that a more serious akin disorder is developing, or they may even be a sign of some diseased condition in the body. This is why a person should consult a doctor when he has many pimples on the body.

The doctor will try to determine what brought them on. If the pimples are caused by some internal condition, then medication applied to the pimples will not do much good and could even damage the skin permanently.

Pimples should not be squeezed. This makes it possible for bacteria to get into the area. Acne is a condition that occurs in many young people of adolescent age. Acne includes blackheads, pustules, cysts, and nodules, all of which appear together.

While the cause of common acne varies from person to person, in some cases it is due to the eating of certain foods, and in other it may be be due to the gland not working properly. A person with acne should consult a doctor for treatment. 

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