How Long has Man Been Making Beeds?

Nobody knows who made the first bed. By bed we mean a special article of household furniture designed for sleeping. The ancient Assyrians, Medes, and Persians already had beeds that were quite elaborate.

They were made of stone, wood, or metal, and were often quite beautifully decorated. The ancient Egyptians had wooden beds. The beds had frames similar to ones made today. The Greek beds a wooden frame with a board at the head, and there beds became quite “fancy”.

The bed frame was layered with expensive woods, or it was made of solid ivory with silver feet, or it would be made of bronze. The Romans had bed frames that were high and could be reached only with the help of steps.

They also probably had the first “double beds”, arranged for two persons. They had rich hangings and were elaboratory decorated. One Roman emperor had a bed of solid silver!

In the middle Ages, many people slept on beds made by placing carpets on the floor or on a bench against the wall. Mattresses stuffed with feathers, wool, or hair were put on the carpets, and they would cover themselves with the skins.

Then in the thirteenth century, beds became more luxurious. Bed Frames were made of wood, which was painted and ornamented. Later on, a kind of a bed appeared that was hung from the ceiling or fastened to the walls.

And soon all kinds of large and elaborate beds were designed for the wealthier people, and the bed became an important part of the furnishing in a house.

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