How Long Have Handkerchiefs been Used?

Some from of handkerchief has been used by man since the  very earliest times. Probably the first form of handkerchief was the tail of a jackal which was mounted on a stick. Primitive people used this as both a handkerchiefs and fan.

We know that many savage races made little mats of straw which they more on their heads and used to wipe away perspiration. This was probably the chief early use of the handkerchief. In Greek and Roman times, there were not only handkerchiefs but napkins, too.

Napkins were used for drying the hands at the table. Handkerchief were made out of small linen squares which were put inside the clothes and taken along on journeys. In the seventeenth century, women began to use handkerchief of colored cloth.

Marie Antoinette persuaded Louis XVI of France to issue a law that handkerchiefs had to be square in shape, instead of round, or oval, or oblong!

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