When was the First University Started?

The word “college” originally meant any society or union of persons enggaed in some common activity. For example, there is a college of cerdinals which elects the pope at Rome, and the United States has an electoral college to choose the president and vice president.

In medieval times, any corporation or society organized for a common interest was called a “university”. So the earliest educational universities were merely societies of scholars or teachers formed for mutual protection. There were no permanent buildings, Instructors and students simply rented a hall or a large room.

In time, these institutions grew, buildings were built, certain legal rights and privileges were obtained, and the universities became permanent. The first such university was in Salerno, Italy, a many sided university was established.

The school at Bologna taught law, medicines, arts, and theology. The most famous of the medieval schools of higher learning was the University of Paris, officially organized in the last half of the twelfth century.

It became model for all the latter universities of Europe. Or two oldest English universities were modeled upon the Universities of Paris. Oxford and Cambridge were both legally recognized by the thirteenth century. A university, remember, usually includes a number of colleges.

This means that degrees are given in many different field at university. Many institutions start as colleges and later become universities In the United States, the first college was Harvard, founded at Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1636. Today it is great university.

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