When was Furniture First Used?

Furniture is anything on which people sit, sleep, or eat. So when the early cave man slept on wolf skin on the floor, that was his furniture. When he made a crude box in which to keep his bone his furniture. When he made a crude box in which to keep his bone tools, he made, the first chest.

The first records we have of furniture as we think of it today come from the Egyptians. At least 4,000 years ago, they were using chairs, tables stools, and chests. Some of the chairs had high back and arms, decorated with carved animals’ head.

Others were simple square stools with crossed legs which folded together like camp chairs. Egyptian beds were only a framework, often very low. The Egyptians did not use pillows. They used head-rest of wood and ivory.

The Babylonians and Assyrians also had elaborate furniture. Kings and queens rested on high couches with footstools, or sat in high-backed chairs while they ate from high stands and tables.
Greek home life was very simple. The Greek used only beds, chairs, and light tables for seving food. During meals the men rested on low beds and the women sat in chairs. The beds were like the Egyptians beds.

The Romans copied Greek styles. But they like to fill their houses with object for decorations, so they needed more kinds of furniture. They developed the cupboard, which they used for storing extra objects. They also used carved and painted wooden chests. The Roman made tables with metal. ivory and stone decorations.

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