When was Gas First Used?

Man can obtain gas from places where nature has stored it away, or cans manufacture it. Here is an illustration of man can make gas. If a clay pipe is filled with powdered coal, covered with clay, and then heated in a hot fire, smoke will come from the end of pipe stem.

Soon the smoke stops. If a flame is held to them stem, the gas coming out will burn brightly and steadily. magnified thousands of times, this little experiment show the process making coal gas.

In 1792, a Scottish engineer called William Murdock was the first to use manufactured gas. He purified the gas that escaped from burning coal and piped it off to use for lighting his home several years latter, he used is to light a factory in Birmingham.

In the United States, manufactured gas was used for lightening before natural gas. In 1812, David Melville of Newport, Rhode Island, lit coal lit his home and the streeth with manufactured gas. Natural gas was first used at Fredonia, New York, in 1821.

Today, more natural gas is used than manufactured gas. This is because of the discovery of new gas fields, the development of new uses for gas, and the nwe kinds of pipelines that make it possible to link distant gas fields to large cities.

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