Who Invented the Helicopter?

Who Invented the Helicopter? - The dream of a flying machine that would rise straight up is an old one. Leonardo da Vinci made drawings for a gigantic screw like helicopter about A.D 1500. He never tried to build one because he had no motor to drive it.

No one knows where it came from, but a toy helicopter known as “The Chinese top” Cayley made experimental forms of Chinese tops and also designed a steam-driven helicopter. For the next 100 years, a number of people made designs for helicopter that got off the ground with a man aboard.

Igor Sikorsky built two helicopters in 1909 and 1910. One of them actually lifted its own weight. Towards the end of 1917, two Austro Hungarian  to take the place of observation balloons. It made a number of flight to high to high altitudes  but was never allowed to fly freely.

Work on helicopters continued in many countries, but none of the mechanism were what the inventors had hoped for. In 1936, an announcement came from Germany that the Focke-Wulf Company had built a successful helicopter.

In 1937 it flew cross-country at speed close to 70 miles an hour and went up more than 335 meters. In 1940 Sikorsky showed his first practical helicopter and it was delivered to the United States Army in 1942.

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