Why is a Black Cat Considered Bad Luck?

Today there are millions of people who believe that if a black cat crosses their path, bad luck will quickly follow. The superstition actually goes back thousands and thousands of years! The ancient Egyptians worshiped the cat and considered is sacred.

They had a goddes called Pasht, who had the head of a cat. The Egyptians believed their goddess Pasht had nine lives, and this explains why many people still think a cat has nine lives. When a black cat died in ancient Egypt, the mummy of the cat was preserved.

A cemetery has been found in which there were thousands of mummies of black cats! When people believed in witches, they associated the black cat with witches. They believed black cats were witches in disguise, and that killing the cats did not mean killing the witches, because a witch could take on the body of a cat nine times!

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that witches and witch doctors always used the brain of a black cat cooking up their mysterious potions. Through all these associations, the black cat came to be a sign of bad luck! 

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