Africa Continent

Africa is the second biggest continent in the world. It has an area of 30.309.252 square kilometers. The African Nil River is the longest river int the world. The saharan desert, the largest desert in the world, is also located in Africa.

When it was first colonized by the Europians in the 1800s, Africa was named the dark continent. Until the 1950s, most of African soil was colonized by the Europians. Now many regions in Africa have obtained independence.

The climate and soil conditions in Africa vary widely. The desert is arid and dry. There live wolves and rabbits. 

In the middle of Africa, there are many jungle forests that are hot and rainy. Many monkeys, chimpanzee, and gorillas can be found there, while in the vast meadows, there lives strange African animals. Including horned antelope, zebra, giraffe, lion, elephant and rhino. 

Africa is also the habitat of ostrich, crocodile, cobras, and phyton. Tourists who like to take pictures come to central and south Africa to witness the life of these wild animals.

The scenery in Africa is incredibly beautiful. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania has a very beautiful peak. It is 5.895 meters high and is the highest place in Africa.

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