Hindu and Hinduism


Hindu is a religion with a follower of around 450 million people, most of whom live in India. Hinduism is not based on the teachings of any particular person but has developed gradually over thousands of years.

Hinduism has many holy scriptures. For example the four Weda basic and Ramayana.

Hindus worship many gods and goddesses and also believe that animals also possess a soul like humans. The most holy animals to Hindus is the cow.

To many Hindus in India, Hindu is not just a religion, but also the way of life. Hinduism divides a person into four caste or class.

Brahmana is a class made up of priests and geniuses. Knight is made up of noblemen and soldiers. Waisya is a caste for merchants and farmers. And Sudra is for laborers and servants.

For centuries there was a fifth caste, that is, the lowly people far below the fourth lowest caste, they do all the dirty work. Now the caste system has gradually changed.

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