History of the Alphabet

The alphabet is a set of letters used to write a language. The letters are arranged in a certain order. Each letter represents a sound.

Thousands of years ago, there were no letters. To express his thoughts and ideas, ancient humans made pictures. In the beggining the pictures were simple and could be understood by everyone. The word eye was painted as an eye.

Then, the picture becomes the symbol of an idea. The picture of an eye might mean “to see”. The Chinese, Egyptians, and Babylonians made very complicated writing. It is not easy to write with pictures. To be able to express one’s thoughts fully, one must remember around 600 symbols.

The first alphabet was created by the Funisians. For every sound in its language, they used a symbol. Later, these symbols were used by the Greeks, who gave name the first and second letter alpha and beta. The word “alphabet” comes from those two letters.

The Romans used the Greek alphabet and made some changes and also added a few new letters. This alphabet then became what we use today.

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