Judaism is one of the most important religion in the western world. It is also the first religion that teaches the belief in one god.

Currently there are about 15 million Jewish people in the world. Islam and Christianity were also sourced from Judaism.

The Jewish scripture was written in around the 5th century. To Christians, this scripture is called the Old Testament. The laws and basic religious teachings came from the bible.

This book consists of the first five books of the Jewish holy book. Other important holy scriptures include Talmud, which contains the laws of Judaism with comments from earlier Jewish rabbis.

Judaism teaches us that humans were created as the image of God and must be respected. Judaism emphasizes the importance of the value of life. It is taught that Jewish people will be blessed if he believes in God.

Jewish people believe that god gifted to Moses his “Ten Commandments” as well as other Jewish laws. Jews pray in the synagogue - the place of worship of the Jews - and the service is conducted by a rabbi.

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